Friday, May 23, 2008

Lasting Connection

Well the connection is still there! DeVonne and me came together and really created magic once again! It feels so good to know that every photographer comes across that one model who they really enjoy shooting and are inspired by. And it feels good to be secure in knowing that the connection will always be fresh and interesting. I have yet to come across a model who can magnify my vision and trust my opinion the way Devonne does. And from that connection comes the magic! I am the Foreigner and he is my translator and through him my vision becomes clear.

This is my fav. from our session. We had a lot of fun out there that day!!! And we almost got killed by an oncoming train. Thinking back on it, it would have been really nice if we could have got that shot but my camera decided that it would die! Oh well I feel the shots that we have are GREAT.



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