Friday, May 30, 2008

Introducing -Travis Martin

Me and aspiring model Travis Martin made some magic today.

I have been passing this area filled with old cars for sometime now and I have been just waiting to find the right person to throw on top of them... Well looks that Travis was the man. (Smiles) It was definitely one hell of an experience seeing as though you can get the police called on you for even walking out the house with a camera around here! But I knew in order to get some good shots I had to tune that out and make sure the model wasn't aware of this (Smirks).

Over all Travis was easy to work with and helped me bring my vision to light. I feel that the shots that we got where simple yet mysterious in some ways. Which was what I was going for. So at the end of the day I guess I can say that. Standing on top of rusty unstable cars and laying in bird shit was all worth it!!!

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- J



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