Sunday, June 8, 2008

-Introducing- Bryant @ WINGS modeling agency

I started off by scheduling Bryant a lil to early within the day. And seeing as though most of the work I had planned for him was to be outdoors that was not a GOOD thing. And thats because a high sun creates really harsh light and shadows. Right when I started feeling like I had REALLY screwed up I remembered my lighting style in studio is hard and it works for me just fine. So I had to figure out how to control that style out doors. All in all it turned out well. Bryant is a good kid and takes direction very well. And most importantly he moves well and seems to understand his body. Thats good seeing as I hate feeling like I work at Macy's and I am posing Manqueins. Although this was only his 2nd photoshoot since joining his agency I am VERY sure that with time and experiance Bryant will defitnitly be one to watch.


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