Thursday, August 28, 2008

Paige Tyree @ Wings Model management

Just as I promised another collaboration with Mrs. Kellie K.

But there is a hitch... This time there is no Andrea, this is due to last minute scedule changes and her having to travel to L.A. for a job she booked. NO FEAR , last minute we where able to pull another great model from WINGS model management and make some magic!

And in the end I could'nt have seen it turn out any better. Me and Paige where defitnitly on the same page and because of that things turned out well. Paige takes direction very well and it shows within the work displayed. And most important she is very dedicated to her dream anyone who will travel 3hrs to some off the map city has to be!!!

Something that is very exciting to me is Kellie, joining my team there is surely a bright future in that! Now all I need is a GOOD stylist. And shooting under my circumstances wont be so bad after all.


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