Monday, December 8, 2008

James Honebrink @ Chantal deParis New York

When I was sent Jame's Polaroids by his mother agent the first thing that caught me was those piercing blue eyes grouped with the blond hair and killer bone structure. I instantly jumped on the phone and contacted my make-up and hair and sent her the images. She was pumped to join in on the shoot as well. So you know how the story goes from there... Of course we set up a shoot.

The funny thing was that prior to James shoot date I had a few paying gigs which means AMATEURS. And I was sure that I was going to be his first shoot and I was going to have to pose him like a Mannequin at Macy's. Well Jame's shut my mouth wide open! He was very experienced and it showed. He will also be walking for Calvin Klein soon and of course this is not his first job. So that says a lot about the ease of the shoot. In the end Jame's was a very down to earth serious type of guy.

It showed that he took this very seriously and he treated me like the professional that I aspire to be. And his girlfriend , his girlfriend was amazing she was so full of energy and she was down for whatever I loved having the both of them!


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