Monday, December 8, 2008

Alex Ciappara @ Boss models New York

When I was contacted by Jake , an agent in Ohio, with Polaroids of a model named Alex, I couldn't say no. Alex has one of the most amazing presences that I have had the privilege of portraying. Although, Alex was brand new to modeling, and I was his very first shoot, he took direction very well. The images that I shot for his port where shot with the goal of getting him into the New York Market.
Overall, with an amazing face like Alex's and his drive to learn more and become better there is no doubt in my mind that Alex is one to watch


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James Honebrink @ Chantal deParis New York

When I was sent Jame's Polaroids by his mother agent the first thing that caught me was those piercing blue eyes grouped with the blond hair and killer bone structure. I instantly jumped on the phone and contacted my make-up and hair and sent her the images. She was pumped to join in on the shoot as well. So you know how the story goes from there... Of course we set up a shoot.

The funny thing was that prior to James shoot date I had a few paying gigs which means AMATEURS. And I was sure that I was going to be his first shoot and I was going to have to pose him like a Mannequin at Macy's. Well Jame's shut my mouth wide open! He was very experienced and it showed. He will also be walking for Calvin Klein soon and of course this is not his first job. So that says a lot about the ease of the shoot. In the end Jame's was a very down to earth serious type of guy.

It showed that he took this very seriously and he treated me like the professional that I aspire to be. And his girlfriend , his girlfriend was amazing she was so full of energy and she was down for whatever I loved having the both of them!


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My short time and involvment in this industry

It has definitely been one hell of a ride for me in my short love affair with the industry. I have learned a great deal since my beginning in September of 2007. I have also learned the truths and the drive behind many of the forces within this industry. I have met some very interesting individuals, some that inspire and some that help me see my place more clearly. I have also come to see how so many within this industry are dishonest and far from being genuine. I have built friendships that I cherished just to find that they where conditional or more about someone Else's self affirmation. And I have had days where I felt there is no reason to continue to push forward with this.

I have helped people succeed in their goals only for them to turn their backs on me when they achieved them. I have struggled to support myself and others both financially and mentally. I have had family members be non supportive and disregard my vision and drive.

I found myself alone in a place where I had never been. I found myself exploring a totally new medium alone. And in the midst of all of this I discovered myself and the true meaning and purpose of this talent. And I realised that no matter what negatives people may place in front of me. They can never take from me what God has given me. Not once in this journey have I faltered or swayed in the shadow of negativity. And I think that we must all come to realize as individuals, that the only power people have over you is the power that you give them. Through it all I have learned and I have found a greater measure of happiness and meaning in my life than ever before.

Love, live, life