Saturday, June 28, 2008

-Andrea K- of BMG models Chicago

Andrea(model) and Kellie Keck (Make-up) Joined me today to start what we thought would be a wonderful day of HOTNESS! Well that is not what the mother nature had planned for us.
When I awoke this morning I realized that my power had been knocked out.

My First thoughts was Oh my God I have these people coming to work with me from out of state and I have no lights no computer or anything. So I decide OK let me get on my phone and call them and tell them that I wont be able to shoot because I don't have any lights.

Then I come to find that the battery on my phone is dead so I knew I had no choice but too think of something since they where coming! Shooting outside was the last thing on the list because it looked like a cloudy gray mess outdoors. So I just kept my fingers crossed and hoped the lights would be restored on their arrival...
Well that did not happen Kellie (Make-up) arrived first. And I let her know what was going on. And as soon as I thought it couldn't get any worse she tells me she AIR BRUSHES . When I say something inside me feel of the shelf you can kind of get the ideal of how I felt! Thank God that Kellie was not industry FABULOUS !!! She was very kind and understanding and was willing to pull out her brushes and sponges and do the make-up the OLD FASHIONED way. I really felt bad!

Soon Andrea Arrived and I decided that I would use the current weather conditions in a creative way and play it up with some Motion... Well the bad happenings where not over because it began to rain and we had to return home... Where the lights where still not on. After waiting for the rain to let up we decided to call it a day and try again another time! So look forward to another more complete collaboration between us three soon!


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Sunday, June 8, 2008

-Introducing- Bryant @ WINGS modeling agency

I started off by scheduling Bryant a lil to early within the day. And seeing as though most of the work I had planned for him was to be outdoors that was not a GOOD thing. And thats because a high sun creates really harsh light and shadows. Right when I started feeling like I had REALLY screwed up I remembered my lighting style in studio is hard and it works for me just fine. So I had to figure out how to control that style out doors. All in all it turned out well. Bryant is a good kid and takes direction very well. And most importantly he moves well and seems to understand his body. Thats good seeing as I hate feeling like I work at Macy's and I am posing Manqueins. Although this was only his 2nd photoshoot since joining his agency I am VERY sure that with time and experiance Bryant will defitnitly be one to watch.


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Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Prints are now for SALE

I decided I would share a little gift with the world. So I went through And I have hand selected some of my fine art work and landscapes. They are now available in Museum quality Prints , Custom framed and canvas formats. So be sure to support and pick up one of those today.