Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One of my discoveries signs in New York

It was only a year ago that I started shooting with the goal of one day working with agency models. Now the dream that everyone told me couldn't possibly be fulfilled from small town Ohio has become a reality. Jathan, who I discovered at the tender age of 16, has signed with Chantal de Paris model management in New York. It seems like just yesterday that I met Jathan with a head full of hair that distracted ones eye from his amazing bone structure.

It was not long after our first shoot that I planted the seed of inspiration in his head. I quickly began to transform a kid from the streets of small town Ohio, into a face destined for the runways of New York. I am very proud of Jathan and the trust that he put into the promise I seen in him.

All in all, never let your someone tell you what you cannot achieve, never let your location define what you can and cannot do. Follow your dreams, and always dream big, because big things do happen to people from small places.

Below are pictures that chronicle Jathan's development with me over the last year.

Above: This is before our first shoot, and yes! that afro had to go.

And here are some samples of the finished product below


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